My Cyber Freedom

What would you do if you knew that you had enough money coming in each month to supplement your income, or even replace it entirely?


Ever felt trapped? Ever felt like there must be more to life than working for someone else and making their dreams a reality instead of your own? Imagine having the freedom to do whatever you want to do, with whoever you want to do it with, every day.


Wealth isn’t just about money, wealth is about being abundant in all areas of life. Wealth is having a great relationship with your family, or having the ability to do good for others. True wealth comes from within, and that is a major lesson that comes from following your dreams.


How would you define success? Every person’s definition is different. I believe that having the freedom and wealth to create your own life, in any way that you see fit, is the true definition of success. What’s the point of money if you’re not free to live your life?


*Disclaimer* We can not guarantee any results, individual results will vary. Read full disclaimer below.


You Can Create This Lifestyle Too!

 You don’t need technical skills to learn an online business. Learning how to build online has never been easier.


It’s Never Too Late To Start!

Personally I see many people starting online businesses at 60, 65 or even 70 years old! It’s never too late to create time and financial freedom for yourself and your loved ones.


Do You Have The Time To Make This Work?

Well, how much time could you find each day or each week if you knew that eventually it could mean not having to work for someone else again? Imagine what you could do with the time freedom you created for yourself.


See what other amazing members are saying!

Dan Holloway

I can’t even put into words the impact that SFM has had in my life, not just financially, which is great, but with becoming the person I want to be; having confidence in myself, in my relationships, health, fitness, my whole quality of life has gotten so much higher. Thank you so much, I look forward to seeing you at the next live event.

Jiska van Wijk

Since I started with marketing mastery I was able to move out of Liverpool, into Barcelona. Working remotely from home and that on it’s own has been amazing, but I had zero knowledge and zero skills and I can honestly say that I feel so empowered by it because I can see how many companies and individuals are in need of everything that I am learning so whatever is going to happen, whatever job I am going to take on whoever I am going work with as clients, I know its something I’m passionate for, that I have granted myself and it’s a result of me believing in myself from the beginning, so I would definitely recommend this to everyone!


Ruud Nellestijn & Jolanda Nellestijn

In the first few weeks when we started with SFM, we were blown away by the possibilities that the digital world has for us. We had no idea this existed. That’s why we’re so excited about this online education and everything that comes with it, especially the global community. It changed our life completely, and brought us a whole new way of living and working. We got new perspective on life, our relation, business and money, and maybe the most important one: our own personal growth. Thanks Stu & Jay.


Gavin MacLean

I joined the SFM because I knew that so many regular people were living lives of freedom, flexibility and fun but I didn’t know how they were doing it. This is where the SFM came in and gave me the world-class education, support, systems and community to put these newly learned skills into place and get myself on that path to freedom.


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