Top 7 things all self made millionaires have in common



I’m always researching successful people to see how they do it. one of the biggest things I look for are the things they all have in common. Now I know that success is not a one size fits all, but there are diffidently key habits if you will that all successful people have in common. My list of these top traits can only be drawn from my prospective. So it will differ from other list of top successful habits, but that’s the beauty of it as you grow your online business or any business for that matter. This can be just one more piece of the prospective puzzle so to speak in helping you on your online entrepreneur journey. So here are the top seven traits of successful people that have stuck out to me.



  1. They have a big enough reason to do what they do. If you lack this mental clarity, you will so lose track of the whole reason you started your journey to began with. once the excitement of the new adventure wares off you’ll find yourself wanting to give up. I place pictures around my house in places I will see them when I do my everyday route, pictures that match my goals in life. I keep my Facebook entrepreneur oriented, and anytime I here a word of wisdom or good advice from people I want to be like I write it down in what I call my little book of wisdom.
  2. They are very persistent. This is the one I here most often, and so very important to success. with out this key principle your sure to fail. Being persistent is the only to figure out challenges, the most sure way of rooting out procrastination.
  3. They are very carful of the people they associate with. It is said that you are the sum of the top five people who influence you in life, this could not be more true. Any time I’m around people who can only offer me a prospective of limiting beliefs, I immediately   go back to my reason as to why I’m doing what I’m doing, and then remind my self that I can do this simply because other people have already done it. I encourage you to find stories of people who have despite the odds come out on top, and let that inspire you.
  4. They use a master mind in there business. This important concept of the master mind is worth its Weight in gold. All successful people master mind with other successful people to grow there business. Surrounding yourself with a culture of success will greatly drive your motivation to be successful.
  5. They are more conscious of their emotions. Your emotion can be described as your energy in motion. when you place your energy in to negative situations or drama etc. you destroy you minds ability to be creative. Limit or completely remove yourself from toxic people or places so you can keep your emotions in a positive creative state.
  6. They all manage their time. Time management is very important to success. Without managing your time over whelm is sure to set in. Something that helps me with this is my location, I will go to a coffee shop or somewhere I can change my surroundings so I can stay in a “I need to get things done” state of mind.
  7. They all take control of their morning routines. Take control of your day by taking control of you morning. I repeatedly here this from successful people. The biggest part to doing this is for at least 30 mins NO ELECTRONIC DEVISES (phones, tablets, computers, etc.) allow your mind to wake up naturaly with out the blue light stimulation from these devises. The same can be said 30 mins to an hour before you go to bed.


I hope these tools help

In conclusion when you start your online business you must adopt the habits, tools, and principles of the successful. Take this list and write it down, and personalize it to fit your journey to creating a life lived on your terms. If your ready to start your on line business click the banner below to become part of an exploding community of digital entrepreneurs. Remember, You never get what you want in life, you can only get that which you are in life.

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