Education vs Action

Don’t mistake education for action

Don’t get me wrong I know that we all need to have education to better ourselves, but here is something that has helped me along my journey. Understanding that always watching this, or reading that doesn’t equal taking action towards your goals. Let me explain.


So you need to learn something that will bring you to your life goals. You search until you find what your looking for thin you begin to learn about it. All is well you really fell like your making progress toward your dreams. Now comes the tricky part. In the beginning just learning is progress, but this is were 99% of people give up or begin to give up. Why is this? I know people who are well

in there thirties who are still going to collage. They will go to collage for this for a while thin change there mind to that for a while, and thin be off on another rabbit trail again. Always learning while never taking action will never lead you to fulfilling your life goals. In the prosses of completing your goals you need to be aware of what taking consistent action for you is.


   Now while in the beginning educating yourself is taking action toward your goals. There will come a time when taking action is just that, Action. The reason this can be difficult is because when you begin to move away from education into actually doing what you’ve been learning the mind has to thin create a new paradigm. You commonly hear this called stepping outside your comfort zone. 99% of

people will fall back into what I call the “education vicious cycle”. You see as long as you don’t think you don’t know enough to take this kind of action your mind will keep you in this cycle until you become discouraged and give up. This unfortunately is why so many never reach their full potential in life.

Understanding which one is necessary

  while understanding education is important taking action is equally or in some cases more important. When you take action your telling your mind that your serious about what your doing. Then your mine will begin to open up to more possibilities, and opportunities  for ways you can take more action.

In this way you allow yourself to be educated, and at the same time moving toward your life goals. Always felling like your making progress, well because you are.

Success is literally an attitude change away.

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