The Top 3 Kinds Of Toxic People



How do we get rid of toxic people in our life that are constantly driving us down and causing us to have limiting beliefs about who we are as a person and placing limits on our true potential? This is something that is incredibly important in order for us to grow and expand beyond our own self-imposed limitations. But why is it so difficult to remove ourselves from these people?

  1. People with toxic beliefs.

You can’t do that. You’re too old for that. Don’t you need to be a tech savvy person in order to figure those things out? You have a comfortable job you’d be crazy to quit and go pursue something like that.

Sound all too familiar? Like most of us I hear people saying the same types of things all the time trying to impose their limiting beliefs upon myself or upon somebody else that they’re in conversation with. In their own mind they probably mean well but nonetheless it still limits your potential and can possibly be a dream killer. what makes these people difficult to get away from is usually it’s our family or close friends. They may mean well but none the less it can stop you from taking your first step into the unknown so that you can find a new potential for yourself.

            2. Critical people who have                    accomplished nothing themselves

I’ll start this one with, the only person who is a failure in life is the person who never tried. Never even begin to entertain the criticism of people who quite frankly I call LOSERS. they have never done anything with their life and they’ve always played it ‘so-called safe’ and have never made any kind of impact on the world. If you want to make an impact on the world, never even begin to entertain the toxicity of these people. As the saying goes a hater gona  hate.

             3. Toxic mentors

This can be a bit more tricky to identify because mentors are people who look up to, who we take advice from, and who we do accept constructive criticism from. Although how do you know when your Mentor is toxic?

For starters you have to figure out why you consider this person a mentor. For one of two reasons from my experience would you consider somebody a mentor. The first reason is because of cultural norms, so these would be people like a schoolteacher a pastor of a church or maybe even a local politician. Well, how could these kinds of people be toxic? That depends, there is one important questions you must ask yourself when choosing a mentor. HAS THIS PERSON CAME TO A SPECIFIC PLACE IN THEIR LIFE THAT I ASPIRE TO BE IN THE SAME PLACE THEY ARE?  If your answer is yes then you have a mentor that will not be toxic to you and will not hold you back with limiting beliefs or criticism. These mentors will be able to help you bring out the best version of yourself so that you can your goals in life.

Non-toxic people

Now that we’ve covered some common types of toxic people that you really need to stay away from. Let’s cover what kinds of people you should be around. Most importantly you want to be around people who have accomplished in their life the exacted same thing you wish to accomplish in yours. This is especially true so that you will have non-toxic mentors that will give you constructive criticism and build you up to become the best version of yourself. Surround yourself with friends who are willing to give you time to grow yourself. If you have or find a friend like this defiantly hang on to they because they are one in a million. Keep people who are not willing to give you time and always want you to go out with them and do pointless things that don’t bring you any closer to your goals in life.

Now that we’ve talked about in my opinion what some of the most common types of toxic people are, also some of the good types of people. I want to encourage you to get out there and take action towards your goals and dreams.

I’ll see you on the other side. Kody


Never take advice from anyone who you wouldn’t also take constructive criticism from.

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