Do I Have Value?

What value could I possibly have?

This is a question that has puzzled would be entrepreneur since well forever. What could I possibly have of Worth to bring value to the marketplace? Value can sometimes seem as an elusive concept that can be difficult to understand. we carry more value with us than we give ourselves credit for. We think that value only comes from those who have already accomplished things in life, but there’s a key concept that we often Miss. Let me give you an example of what I’m talking about. The best example of this I can give is during the time when a baby learns how to walk. He or she sees those around them in their environment walking and that gives them the idea. As they slowly begin to stand up on their feet and try to take steps they fall down. Never discouraged by this they just keep continuously trying. Mom and Dad May step in every now and then helping the baby by holding their hands. Until finally the baby is walking on their own. (Okay so the babies walking, I don’t see value in that.) It’s simple the value comes from the experience of the journey, the time taken to come from not being able to walk to the point of being able to walk. In that your value lies. Your experience.

Hard life lessons learned.

Life sometimes doesn’t always turn out the way we wanted it to. Most people allow this to depress them and get them down feel anguish and suffering in life. You know,that time in life when you realize that what you’re doing is never going to equal what you want. Decisions you’ve made didn’t pan out as expected or perhaps something out of your control arise such as health problems or any kind of physical ailment. The loss of a loved one or divorce. These are life’s hard lessons that can either make or break us.

Being between a rock and a hard place.

Being in this situation can if we allow it draw out the best in us. I like to share something personal with you about me and that is I have suffered from Crohns disease ever since 2007 and I could have allowed this to really bring me down into a depressed state were I had nothing to look forward to in life, but on the contrary it’s caused me to search and seek out a more deeper value in life and greater meaning. Looking beyond the realm of the things I already know and into the realm of possibility. In searching I have found a much deeper and greater meaning to life and fulfillment that goes beyond any amount of suffering we may go through. A deep reconsideration of just what my values really are in life. Value of my wife, the value of my children, the value of different beliefs I held, and the value of my vulnerabilities and my insecurities. Really dealing with the uncertainties in life and coming to peace with them. This reconsidering of value has caused me to experience a much greater and deeper concept of what it means to offer value to others. We sometimes need friction in our life’s to bring out the best value in us. This would have never happened if I hadn’t been put between a rock and a hard place.

The times you succeeded in the past.

When stepping out into the uncertain most people feel anxiety’s great overwhelm of insecurity and lack of belief in themselves that they’re able to even do it. I always have to remind myself of all the times I actually did succeed at something. If this isn’t the case for you, if you honestly haven’t felt that you’ve succeeded in anything in life well there’s always a first time for everything. Going back to your past and remembering that everything you’ve went through be it living from paycheck to paycheck and having to jumble money back and forth just to pay bills, frustrations when it came to needing necessities, vehicle repairs, food on the table and anything of that nature we’ve always made it in the past and will continue to make it in the future. Step into uncertainty without fear but more like that small baby I mentioned in the above paragraph. They’re not afraid of learning how to walk. All they know is that’s something I want to do, and they take action towards doing it. From my experience when you take action anxiety about the uncertainty automatically vanishes.

So do you have value?

Well if you’ve read this far down into the article I’m sure you know the answer of course we all have value. Also if you’re reading this article you’re probably wanting to bring that value out from within yourself because you’re more than likely stuck between a rock and a hard place. Don’t be afraid to step outside of the realm of the known. Don’t be afraid to step out and uncertainty because you’ve always made it in the past you’re making it now and you’ll continue to make it in the future.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result.

Albert Einstein

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I’ll see you on the other side.

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Toney Robbins, The 6 Human Needs

Human Needs

Human needs what are they and why do we need them? I was recently on  Toney Robbins website and read his post about, what he considered to be peoples six driving needs. The things which we make most of our decisions on.

           The 6 human needs

1. Certainty: Assurance that you can avoid pain and gain pleasure.
2. Uncertainty/Variety: The need for the unknown, change, and new stimuli.
3. Significance: Feeling unique, important, special, or needed.
4. Connection/Love: A strong feeling of closeness, or union with someone or something.
5. Growth: An expansion of capacity, capability or understanding.
6. Contribution: A sense of service and focus on helping, giving to and supporting others. Here’s a link to Toney’s web site were I found this information.

My experience with these basic needs and how they related to starting my own business.

In my life certainty has been a big need. Especially when it came to starting something new. The overwhelming feeling of not being able to be certain about the outcome was difficult to deal with. The great thing about having mentors is, they have already experienced all of these issues. They can help you overcome them because they have already done it. So, how did I deal with certainty? I backed my inevitable success off of the fact that what they did caused them to succeed. Therefore success for me was just a matter of time, my willingness to change, and my determination to put in the work.

    “The great thing about having mentors is, they have already experienced all of these issues.”

Here’s the paradox, the need for uncertainty. The great thing about getting certainty dealt with is you can step in to uncertainty with excitement rather than fear. I saw the repeated success of others so I could embrace this uncertainty with creativity knowing that my ultimate success was going to happen.

   “The great thing getting certainty dealt with is you can step into uncertainty with excitement rather than fear.”


Feeling significance, this is what’s so great about having an online community there with you to help and encourage you every step of the way. Not just to help you, but that you also get to help others and

online community. 

helping others keeps me more motivated to keep moving towards my goals and dreams. When you make others feel significant you, yourself will feel significant.

        “When you make others feel significant you, yourself will feel significant.”

What I found interesting was when I started to feel significance with what I was doing in life, I started to feel more connection/love in other relationships as well. It was kind of like when I started to gain a sense of significance, I didn’t feel depressed or just mentally drained. After time I noticed I gained more patience to not just react and blow up on my family just because I was in some kind of bad mood. We can begin to develop knee jerking reactions towards our spouse or children that can be negative. It’s easier to encourage someone you may not personally know because you don’t have those negative associations with them. In doing so its like your practicing on other’s that will then begin to affect other areas of your life. Bringing more connection/love.

     “I had the patience to not react and blow up on my family just because I was in some kind of bad mood.”

We’ve all heard the saying “If you’re not growing you’re dying.”    Growth is so important in life, I know that if I’m not doing something to cause growth in some way I start to get depressed. Life is more than sleep, eat, work, repeat. We have to be doing something that challenges us, makes us feel good, and keeps life interesting.

Starting a business, picking up a hobby, or just changing up the routine a bit can help in so many ways!

  “Life is more than sleep, eat, work, repeat.”

Contribution really falls in line with significance. When your contributing you really have a sense of self-worth and value. Sometimes its easy to just want to receive from others and we get upset if that doesn’t always happen. I’ve found that the more you contribute the more contribution you will receive from others. It’s most defiantly a two way street.

          “When your contributing you really have a sense of self-worth and value.”

Starting a business is something that requires change in order to be possible, and Toney Robbins is one of the top leader’s in the area of changing peoples lives. He has many years of data and experience to deliver sound principles that we can follow to start the change in our own lives. This has been my experience in getting to know who I am, by turning these principles into questions to ask myself. Then challenging myself to make the changes to create the life I want instead of a life that’s just happening to me. I now ask you to turn these principles into questions, push outside your comfort-zone and see what you can do to change your life!

I’ll see you on the other side. Kody



Easiest way to start an online business

Easiest online business to start

So what would be the best online business to start? Especially if you have little to no money. Hands down it is affiliate marketing. Promoting someone else’s business, product, or service and making a
commission every time your referral results in a sale. Click here if your interested in affiliate marketing.


Why affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money by promoting a business, product or service that you use and love. If its something your using already, why not make money promoting it? Its a great way to generate just a part-time, or if you prefer a full-time income. Not to mention the time, freedom, and financial flexibility it can provide for you and your family. The affiliate marketing industry is growing at a rapid rate, chances are you more often than not buy products based off of what you have seen or heard from an affiliate marketer. 


Affiliate marketing vs traditional business

I have always wanted to start a business of some sort but was like many others under the impression that it was expensive to start any kind of business. The fact that the start up for an affiliate marketing business is something that your average wage earner can afford. This brings real potential to the fact that truly anyone can start a business now days if they really want to. Also the ability to reach your target audience in order to make sales has never been easier. If you were to run a campaign in a different time zone you could literally earn money while you sleep. If this interest you, claim your free start up here.

Why is it more affordable

   With a traditional business you have the cost of overhead, having to make a pay roll, along with all the other cost of having employees. Physical real estate to place your business on and needing to warehouse your products, Paying usually high tax rates along with any kind of business specific certifications or licenses. With online marketing you can dramatically decrease your monthly overhead. To create a web site is very affordable for the average working person, and through automation one person can accomplish what would take serval people to do with out it. The virtual world is full of tools in the same way as the physical world. The difference is these tools come at a much more affordable rate. Here is another article I wrote about online business start up in 2018. 

 Don’t do it alone!!!

There is no reason to try to reinvent the wheel. Come join a community of online entrepreneurs making it happen and helping each other along the way. Take advantage of the digital economy, and all the benefits it has to offer. Learn from some of the best mentors in the industry who have helped thousands of people achieve there financial dreams. To create the life you want to live instead of a life you have to live. Click the banner bellow to receive your free gift.

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The top five life regrets of the dying


  I read an article today by Bronnie Ware, who worked in palliative care. Her patients were those who had gone home to die, she spent there last three to twelve weeks with them as a nurse. She surveyed these people on the life regrets they had and these were the top five.

  1. I wish I had lived a life true to myself, not the life that others expected me to live.
  2. I wish I hadn’t worked so hard.
  3. I wish that I would of had the courage to express my feelings.
  4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friend and family.
  5. I wish I had aloud myself to be happier.

  As I read this article it made me realize my vision for my future all the more. It gave the sober reminder that we are only on this earth a very short while. It is so important to have clarity on your goals, and vision for your future. Where do you want to be in five years or ten years from now? What is the reason you get up out of bed every day? What is your reason, because if you can’t maintain clear focus on your Goals you will never achieve them. Find that reason for getting up everyday, that reason for working that over time so you have a marketing budget for your new business, the reason you moved out of large house into a smaller one so you could so money for the future YOU WANT not a future that others may say would be better for you to have. Make your goals into a must have, do or die priority. Only then will you achieve your vision, when it becomes something you don’t just want, It becomes something YOU MUST HAVE.

  Don’t sell yourself short in life by not executing on your dreams, life is short so make the most of it, click here to read her full article. As always if your ready to start living your mycyberfreedom lifestyle click the banner below to get started, and receive your free gift. Become part of a community of people executing on there dreams. So when that day comes we will of made our dreams a reality, and had not chosen to keep them inside of you to become a life regret.

What really stops you from starting a online business?

So what’s really stopping you?

Why do so many people stay stuck in life at a job they don’t really like or that they really hate? The biggest reasons could be that they fell the job provides a certain amount of security. Another reason may be that they have invested a lot of time and money in education to pursue the carrier path there on, just to find out that this particular carrier wasn’t what they thought it would be. Or simply its the best or only way they know how to make money. Lets set these things aside for now and see why our mind come up with these conclusions that stops us from taking action on our goals and dreams in life.



As the old saying goes we most certainly are creatures of habit. We wake up at the same time have the same morning routine most of us dive the same commute every day come home do our evening routine go to bed and start all over again the next day. Let me ask you something, out of every job you have ever worked was it usually similar in nature to all the other job you have ever worked? More than likely they were. This is because we are always looking for our comfort zone. Most times than not if we end up in a job completely different from anything we have ever done it was out of necessity forcing us to change, because we absolutely had to.


Reaction consciousness vs Creation consciousness

   Both of these states of consciousness are really the same except one difference . That difference being that one is voluntary and the other just simply happens to us. So for instance REACTION CONSCIOUSNESS, is when something happens to us we just react without any thought. CREATION CONSCIOUSNESS, is when something happens to us and we choose how we will react to it. Both of these are the same creative force in you life, one way of use is left to chance, and the other is left to decision. Here is were we go back to habits, because these two ways of using consciousness are what form our habits. (You don’t decide your future, you decide your habits and your habits decide your future.) So lets use our consciousness to form habits or thinking patterns that serve us.


Unlearning bad habits

Unlearning bad habits is essential to starting a online business, you must change the learned thinking patterns of the past. So you can learn new thinking patterns that will take you into your future. I don’t really believe there is one set of standardized formulas for doing this, but there most certainly are principles to be applied to your life in your own unique way because we all know no two people are the same. Here are some of the principles I have applied that have brought about a positive change in my every day habits in starting my business.

  1. TIME MANAGEMENT- This is one of the most important principles to success, there is a wealth of info online on this subject.
  2. SELF DEVELOPMENT- Being an eunturpenure all ways demands one to become more than they are, this principle is a life long prosses.
  3. WISELY CHOOSE THE PEOPLE YOUR HANG AROUND- People have a way of influencing us, if its a influence that will cause you to be self sabotaging or unproductive. Limit or do away with those people in your life. I listen to people I want be like on social media, YouTube or reading books etc.
  4. INVEST IN YOURSELF- If your cup isn’t full how can you pour into others because that’s what honest business really is. Someone has a need and you fulfill that need with a product service etc.
  5. BE INTAMENTLY IVOLVED IN EVERY RELATIONSHIP IN YOUR LIFE- This principle can be very challenging as for it is easy to let relationships get put on the back burner in our life, especially the most important ones like family and loved ones. Don’t let these relationships go by the way side when you start your business. Starting a business at first can be a little time consuming.



Of course there are more principles than this but these should be at the top of your list. They have helped me more than anything in starting my online business. Take control of the thought processes you have, and start to develop habits that serve you rather than habits you have to serve. If your ready to take the first step in starting your online business click the banner below. You will receive a free seven day video series with more info about online business. Bad habits are easy to form but hard to live with, good habits are hard to form but easy to live with.

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How do I start to make money online? 2018

How do I start to make money online? 2018

While there are many ways to make money online, affiliate marketing in my opinion is one of the best and easiest ways to do it. Especially in the area of information. Fading are the days of needing to go to a library in order to find information about topics you wish to learn about. You can just go on google, ask a friend on Facebook or tap in to a wealth of knowledge from a community your subscribed to. This is a big part of the reason why monetizing through  information is so successful.

Why information?

The internet is always evolving the way it searches out content for its users. It can take up to ten years for a state to update the information in its text books, but the information on the internet is updated almost in real time in some cases in real time with live feed. This is why I have chosen this area of information myself, and involved myself with a great community and mentors (You can learn from either mistakes or mentors choose mentors).What took someone five or even ten years to learn they can teach you in minutes through the information they give to you.

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The benefits of an on line business

   Needless to say the benefits are much more diverse than working at a job where you have to be somewhere at a certain time every day.

  • Time flexibility

  • Location freedom

  • More opportunity

  • Extra or full time income

  • No boss

And the list goes on. This business lifestyle allows me to spend more time with my wife and children. To be able to homeschool my children and actually have time to find and enjoy new hobbies. The way you make money in any form or fashion really does play a huge role in the lifestyle you live.

Building an on line business

   Building an online business could never be easier. With the way things have developed creating a web site and all the ins and outs of the technical stuff has been greatly changed to be very user friendly. Also going back to leveraging a community this is very vital to your success. Talking to people who are down in the trenches making it happen, doing the same thing you are doing is a tool with benefits beyond measure.

Find out more

click the banner below to find out more of what this community of entrepreneurs can do for you in starting on the path to your on line business today. I am kody poggemiller, thank you and have an awesome time starting your successful on line business.

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Visualization, does it work or not?

Visualization does it work?

So does the visualization work? Or are we applying this principle only half complete? The quick answer is yes it does work, it works very well as a matter of fact, you have since the day you were born been using this technique to form the life you are living today. In
all truth every life situation your job or the house you live in is a result of what you visualize. It is impossible for you to really do anything with out fist having visualized your self doing it, right down to brushing your teeth. Let me explain.


Mirror neurons

From the time you are born (even in the womb) the neurons in your brain are developing firing and wiring together to construct the habitual looping habits you will have in life. Its a monkey see monkey do situation. Stop and think about this in your life or in the life of someone you know really well. Growing up I said I would never be like my parents, but to my surprise now that I have children of my own I act more like my parent than I care to admit. Not to say
everything about my parents was bad, but why do repeat the bad things our parents did to us. Wouldn’t we only choose the good and forget the bad? Why do we perpetuate the negative things that our parents did or what anyone could have done to us? This is how mirror neurons work, if your around someone that is telling repeatedly that you will fail if you try something new. Even if it is well intentioned, you will began to believe it, And if you believe it enough you most likely will fail. What they said formed a belief, you acted with that belief in mind and failed because you mirrored your belief. The same is true for something you accomplish in life.



Is this awesome tool your servant or master? The imagination is limitless, we imagine things all day. Unfortunately most of what we imagine is negative and limiting to our full potential. Its important to realize that your mind is always seeing one of two ways, with your eyes or with the imagination (this is why some people call the imagination the minds eye). Remember your always mirroring what you see. So now we can realize that we have a choice of how we choose to see ourselves (our self image). Now you may be wandering imagination is just that imagination. How could I possibly turn what I imagine into its physical equivalent?


The subconscious mind

This is the link between what is thought and what is physical. Neurons that fire together wire together, when neurons do this a thought has been formed. Thoughts are physical, seeable and tangible things in your brain. So now your thought from your imagination has literally came in to physical reality, when you continually think about something over and over you strengthen the neural connections. This is were our habitual looping habits come in to play. Scientist say we have on average 65,000-70,000 thoughts in a day, most of them subconscious. Our subconscious mind holds our beliefs about ourselves and the world around us. So it is pretty important what we allow into our minds.


Personality = Personal reality

   When you visualize something you want your also seeing yourself with a different personality. Some people don’t realize this, if you want a different reality you must change your personality to fit what you want there is no other way. When you start to apply this you began to see yourself not wanting to do the same things you used to do or hang around the same crowd of people any more. When this starts happening embrace it and keep strengthening the change because the life that was once a figment of your imagination is becoming your new reality. You will reach a point when you have become that person you always wanted to be. You will have that big house because you went after that promotion you normally would not of gone after or be traveling around the world because you finally decided to start that business you always wanted to. What ever the case may be your personality decides what you do in life and obviously what you do in life will be your personal reality.


In conclusion

   So does visualization work? We have the science to back it up. We can live a life of cause and effect or we can take control and be the one causing the effect. Use your imagination to visualize what you want then act on it changing your belief thus changing your personality to form your new reality.